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We recommend you start any new solar installation by reaching out to three or more solar contractors to compare quotes. You should always ask a potential installer what level of experience they have, whether they can provide photos of their past installations, and references or testimonials. Some solar businesses also offer financing programs.

Let your potential contractor know how much electricity you’re currently using — and your future plans for energy use — so you can work together to assess your home and plan an installation that fits your budget, your home’s needs, and Nova Scotia’s net metering policies. Your solar contractor should conduct a solar energy assessment and provide you with a report that details the installation costs and energy savings you can expect.

Efficiency Nova Scotia Approved Solar Installers

All Nova Scotians are eligible for the SolarHome rebate, but only systems installed by an approved solar installer on the Efficiency Nova Scotia Trade Network will be approved. If you plan on accessing the SolarHomes rebate for your solar installation, start here.

Atlantic Canadian Solar Directory

Solar Nova Scotia is a registered not-for-profit society and a volunteer-run organization working toward a 100% renewable-powered province. Their Atlantic Canada Solar Directory is made up of organizations and businesses that supply solar and alternative energy goods and services. These members of Solar Nova Scotia pay annual dues and agree to follow the Solar Nova Scotia Code of Ethics. Remember that not all members of the Atlantic Canadian Solar Director will be eligible to install your system if you plan on applying for the SolarHomes rebate. View the business directory here.

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